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Don't Pay a
Divorce Lawyer
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This e-book costs $17.
One text message from your legal lion: $20? $40?
Save $17 or $77,000 or more, in a rough divorce.
Save $17 to $77,000 on Your Divorce
If You End Up Poor, It Isn't Their Problem

Apart from getting cancer, divorce is the most efficient way to leave the middle or upper class and become poor. This e-book helps you resist the strategies of divorce lawyers to tear the meat off your bones. We'll help you hire a good divorce lawyer, and teach you never to take your eyes off them.

The Truth about Divorce Lawyers

It is very difficult for the customer--you--to control the legal expenses of a divorce. By understanding what you're up against and having strategies available to handle them, you have a good shot at making a dent in legal costs. That could mean saving thousands--and if helps you avoid litigation or getting steamrolled in mediation, the savings could be well into tens of thousands.

Authors Richard Geiger & Jolie Geiger

The authors have been through the best and the worst of divorces, and have done their homework. This book isn't just parroting material you can find around the Web; it shows strategic thinking on how to influence events--and COSTS--at a time when life just seems to go OUT OF CONTROL.

For most, divorce is a nightmare. The only way to keep it from being a zero-sum game where any gain means someone gets hurt...well, read the book!

Suffice it to say that our entire purpose in writing this e-book is to keep the lawyers from winning while both spouses LOSE big, and lose PERMANENTLY.


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As we incorporate more feedback from readers -- and yes, from divorce lawyers, of course! -- this e-book will grow significantly in value. But you are entitled to all updates that we issue through January 1, 2014 at no charge.

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I'm in a panic!  Under attack!!

They'll take everything from me!

I can't think - but I need help!

I must get a lawyer - RIGHT NOW!  I will do WHATEVER THEY TELL ME TO DO! I will believe WHATEVER they tell me!

I want a divorce. Or my spouse wants it. You need this e-book.

10 things your divorce lawyer won't tell you

What nobody tells you about divorce

Should I get a divorce lawyer now? How?

What should you ask a lawyer before you meet them?

What should you do at the initial consultation?

What kind of lawyer do you need?

How do you control the cost? Can you reduce it at all?
(Hint: yes)

When to switch lawyers

Your real enemy (it's NOT your crazed spouse) - who is it?

What if they try to FREEZE all your assets: bank account, credit cards ?

How to spot a lawyer who is going to rip you off -- more than most.

What if your spouse is sleeping with her lawyer?

Can you influence your spouse's lawyer?

How to keep a lawyer from taking your home to pay his fees. Hint: Do NOT sign anything at the initial consultation. DO NOT !

What is happening behind the scenes between the two lawyers?

Sales pitches from lawyers that you should not fall for

How to know when your lawyer is misleading you

What if your spouse hires a pit bull / junkyard dog of a lawyer?

Divorce Lawyers: Myths & Truths

How much mediators can cost you - what's THEIR agenda?

So, how long do we keep
Mr. and Mrs. Smith fighting?
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by Richard Geiger and Jolie Geiger

The truth: They may try to take your home.
What they'll never tell you.
  Why the threat to your future may be
your  lawyer, not your spouse.
Why they won't really help you avoid deadly pitfalls of divorce.
Why they are NOT going to "win" for you.
Their bait and switch.
How you can be bigger than the crisis, and save $17 to $77,000 on your divorce.

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